About Us

C.Boat Yacht Builder’s shipyard comes from an idea that developes in 2005 and becomes effective in 2007 thanks to the brilliant and innovative way Mauro Corvisieri lives the sea. A Sicilian entrepreneur who has always loved the sea and has turned his passion into a full-time job.

This shipyard has the capacity to produce a large series of yachts ( 18, 20, 22, 24, 27, 33, 35, 40, 58, 50). Entirely made of steel, or steel and aluminum, and built with the technical specifications of the tugboats, but dressed up as yachts, can be compared to floating luxurious villas or 5 star hotels thanks to their design and comfort, and they give enough room to the interior cabins and the exterior deck, thus making them one of a kind in their category.
Displacing yachts 100% Custom according to the ship owner’s taste, capable of navigating in adverse sea and weather conditions. According to Mauro Corvisieri’s philosophy they are solid and stable like “real working ships”: this is a characteristic of all the boats produced by the shipyard.

The philosophy of Palermo’s brand is to offer ship-owners not only a quality boat, but a touch of novelty combined with Italian tradition, and an avant-garde technology applied to innovative and classic materials: each boat produced by C.Boat represents this unique mix of tradition, innovation, elegance and craftsmanship.

The first boat to make its debut has been the C.Boat 27-82 Classic, launched in 2011 in the other version the new C.Boat 27-82 SC, 27,30 meters of luxury (width 7,50 meters). Refinement and elegance are the characteristics of this fully customizing boat. The yacht offers excellent brightness thanks to huge windows and large spaces. The focus of the attention is given to the interior décor refined with elegance and with anything that can make life on board pleasant and satisfy the wishes of the Owner.
C.Boat 27-82 is fully reliable and safe, it guarantees the highest standards of comfort, navigation and life on board thanks to a deep V bottom of 8mm thickness of the hull and the water guidelines designed by the Engineer Mauro Mortola who has already designed numerous yachts, ships, and work ships entirely made of steel.

Since 2007, C-Boat has expanded and put the basis for its entrance in the International market with highly prestigious products. The actual range of products is defined by a number of main projects that include the newest “C.Boat One” LOA 18,70mt, max beam 6,10mt, built with the same characteristics and solidity of tug boats but with smooth and soft modern lines; next C.Boat 22-82 and 22-82 Cabin, the new entry level, C.Boat 24-82 Classic and 24-82 Cabin 24,30meters long , the first 82 ft. boat with a closed fly that hosts the wheelhouse. In 6,80meters width it offers an “open space” living room on the deck on one level: this guarantees a height of 2 meters inside, a 360° vision of the outside, and creates a relaxing environment, affording views of amazing seascapes. C.Boat 35-82, a yacht made out of steel and aluminum with dimensions of 35,00 meters in length and 8,10meters width. This one more luxury yacht characterized by the appropriate organization of the interiors defining two independent walkways, one for the guests and one for the crew. The line has in store other great projects such as 35-82 Cabin, 37-82 M, 40-82 M and 48-82 M that is a window into the world of mega-yachts; C.Boat 48-82 M is a sea giant 48.90 meters long, that has been built conceptually like a real ocean ship.

C.Boat 48-82 M was created by keeping in mind the concept of a unique spaciousness for its category, and safety offshore. What makes it even more comfortable is the large living zones that can be distinguished by the large windows, in addition of having a relax area with a sauna and Jacuzzi.

In 2011 C.Boat Yacht Builder kicks off the new year with 3 new models for the series 27-82, the C.Boat 27-82 Cabin, C.Boat 27-82 Cabin Wide Body, C.Boat 27-82 Classic S and finally the C.Boat 27-82 Explorer, the result of a collaboration with the Studio “Inzerillo e Albeggiani” in Palermo.
The C.Boat 27-82 Cabin, in a Cabin Wide Body version as well, follows the guidelines of the C.Boat style, and it’s a displacing yacht completely made of steel; one of its main features is to have the Owner’s suite on the main deck and the wheelhouse closed on the fly. Although it fits in the category of boats under 24 meters, with a length of 27,50 meters Loa and a width of 7,50 meters, it has a volume that can be compared to the one of a 30 meter long yacht.
C.Boat 27-82 Explorer, an imposing Yacht, has a soul of a real Explorer and is as refined and elegant as all the yachts produced by C.Boat. Made entirely of steel, and thanks to its depth and high prow it guarantees an excellent hold on the water, amazing interiors and exteriors that allow the builders and the shipowners to create spacious and bright environments that can be only found in larger boats.

C.Boat models are highly customizable, and starting from now, it will be the first company to add Esthec use to its accessories list. Esthec is a composite with all the outward features of teak, the look of teak and even the feel of teak. But then without teak. Unbreakable, in other words, creak-free, splinter-free and low maintenance. It can be used on the outside as well as on the inside in different shapes and colors, making your boat unique.

The great success of the company comes from the increasing request from ship-owners that has led to an increase in productivity, and has highlighted the need for a new shipyard. As a matter of fact, C.Boat has recently moved its old building site to a new structure in San Giorgio di Nogaro (UD).
This new structure has a warehouse that is 100 meters long and located just a few meters from the sea. In this way C.Boat Yacht Builder has the opportunity to build many boats at the same time.
Besides in the past year I have founded a new shipyard the “C.Tender” that builds speed and elegant boats, 11 meters max length (9,90mt waterline) and 3,80 max beam ( www.ctender.it ).

Elegant, detail oriented, and efficient, CBoat represent a unique world of displacing yachts made of steel… yachts that are meant to be totally “made in Sicily”…. “made in Palermo”.

Displacement yacht, aluminum/steel hull. Any feature (color, furnitures, layout, other.. both interior and exterior) is indicative and may be fully customized by the shipowner.